Case Management Forms

Below are sample forms which may be used for case management and housing planning.

Rapid Rehousing:

Discharge Letter-RRH

Housing Search Presentation Form v1

Housing Specialist Referral Form v1

Housing Stabilization Plan Template v1

Transition Summary v1

ADA Fair Housing ACT

Apartment Comparison Checklist 

Client Retention Interview 

Client Telephone Guide 

HUD Verification of Disability 

Homeless Program Referral Guidelines 

Housing Assessment Template

Housing Preference Worksheet 

Individual Service Plan 

Landlord Tenant Case Manager

Landlord Benefits Checklist 

Landlord Information Template 

Landlord Marketing Letter

Mainstream Resources Checklist 

Monthly Budget Worksheet 

Move-in inspection 

Mututal Expectation Agreement 

Resonable Accommodation 

Tenant Housing Service Contact 

lease Obligations 

VA healthcare Eligibility

Army Resource List Army Resource List 

Helpful Websites for Veterans 

Veteran Programs 

Community Resources for Veterans 


Obtaining IDs for clients

1.      Confirm that your agency and your HMIS administrator has an MOU on file with the DMV. (Homeward has a MOU)

A sample copy of the agency MOU is found below – this is what your agency needs to have on file with DMV in order to submit documentation to obtain an ID. Please contact Andrew Owens at for a clean copy and more information about the process.

2.      Gather the client’s primary identification and proof of legal presence. The following documents (from DMV’s website) provide acceptable proof of identity – most also provide evidence of legal presence:

·        birth certificate issued by US state, jurisdiction, or territory

·        unexpired passport or permanent resident care

·        forms such as the I-766, FS-240, FS-545, DS-1350

·        US naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship

·        REAL ID compliant driver’s license or ID card

3.      To obtain proof of residency in Virginia, complete the first page of the Residency Report form (through the Provider section) and submit it to your HMIS administrator (in Richmond, send to This form is also found below.

4.      The HMIS administrator will complete the form and send a copy back to you.

5.      Submit all of the documents (primary identification, evidence of legal presence, and proof of residency) to Clara Fleming-Foster (fax #: (804)367-0374).

6.      If you have trouble getting the documents or have questions, call Clara Fleming-Foster at (804) 367-0687.

7.      Clara will respond to the person who submits the paperwork with details within approximately 10 working days.

Residency Form

Sample MOU



If you are homeless or will lose housing in the next three days, call the Homeless Crisis Line at 804-972-0813.