Coordinated Entry

In response to legislation and regulations put forth by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), communities across the country are working toward streamlining access to community resources by creating a coordinated entry system. Coordinated Entry, also called coordinated access or coordinated assessment, is a system in that all programs within a CoC work together to assure that services are accessible and well-targeted to the immediate needs of the client. Ultimately, the goals of a coordinated entry are to simplify access to services by clients, track system outcomes to inform and enhance decision-making, and improve overall system efficiency. The Greater Richmond CoC began working on plans to enhance our coordinated system in 2013. Our community has brought in experts from NAEH and CSH to provide guidance. We also have a committed group meeting on a regular basis to working to develop and implement the system.


Homeless Crisis Line Letter of Intent for Partner Agency

Homeless Crisis Line Letter of Intent Scoring Form for Applications

Diversion Specialist Sample Job Description 

Shelter Referral Redesign

Shelter Referral Map

Coordinated Entry Providers Input on Shelter Referral Redesign

Shelter Provider Input on Shelter Referral Redesign

GRCoC Coordinated Entry System Evaluation August 2017

CES Coordinator for Public Comment

GRCoC Consumer CES Survey Summary 

GRCoC Stakeholder CES Survey Summary 


In June 2018, the GRCoC hosted information sessions on Coordinated Entry. Each session provided an overview of the Coordinated Entry System and focused on a specific component of that system. The sessions were as follows:


Emergency Shelters

Rapid Re-housing and Permanent Supportive Housing


Coordinated Entry resources:

  1. Coordinated entry policy brief describes HUD’s views of the characteristics of an effective coordinated entry process. A one-page summary of the brief is also available.
  2. Coordinated systems resolution passed by the GRCoC Board in March 2015.
  3. Coordinated Entry Survey Results conducted by GRCoC in August 2015.
  4. Employment and Coordinated Entry: Addressing Income at CECE to Housing and Income
  5. Website and phone call script for 2018 changes to Coordinated Entry.

Coordinated Entry Committee meets on a regular basis to develop and operationalize a coordinated entry process for the entire Greater Richmond region which prioritizes rapid re-housing, permanent supportive housing, prevention, and diversion from shelter. The committee uses the following principles to guide coordinated entry: 1. Transparent; 2 Evidence-based & data-driven; 3. Strengths-based & client-focused; 4. Easily accessible; 5. Housing-focused; and 6. Continually improving.

Coordinated Entry Committee Minutes:


If you have additional questions about coordinated entry or the Coordinated Entry committee, please contact Systems Manager, Tommy Joe Bednar at or 804-343-2045 x15.


If you are homeless or will lose housing in the next three days, call the Homeless Crisis Line at 804-972-0813.