Built for Zero

Zero: 2016 is a rigorous national change effort designed to help a committed group of US communities end chronic and veteran homelessness outright by December 2016.

Greater Richmond Aim: In order to ensure that homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring, we the Greater Richmond CoC commit to ending veteran (12/31/15) and chronic (12/31/16) homelessness using coordinated assessment system to prioritize those most in need of housing. We invite all community members to join this movement.

Community Focus Areas:

  1. Increase housing
  2. Optimize coordinated access
  3. Engage community and leadership
  4. Data has integrity and is actionable

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A Housing System Built for Zero:

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If you are homeless or will lose housing in the next three days, call the Homeless Crisis Line at 804-972-0813.