The Built for Zero initiative to end chronic homelessness is underway in our CoC. The Built for Zero team is developing a chronic client list based on February updates. If a case manager engages with clients that might meet the chronic definition, please be sure to update all of their info in HMIS this month.

This attachment shows how to answer these questions in HMIS.

As the GRCoC works with the Built for Zero initiative to house our chronically homeless neighbors, our community is establishing a “Team Lead” and various “Project Leads” for the work. This Team Lead will:

  • Bring together all GRCoC partners working with people experiencing chronic homelessness
  • Facilitate coordinated planning and service division with a wide range of providers (perhaps with multiple perspectives or goals)
  • Connect policy and other recommendations to the System Policy & Process (SPP) Committee and other GRCoC governance bodies (including the GRCoC board)
  • Coordinate with Project Leads
  • Provide leadership and accountability for improvement projects
  • Coordinate data needs with Homeward as HMIS Lead
  • Coordinate planning and technical assistance with Homeward and BFZ

Project Leads will be facilitators for service/issue-related projects that are parts of the overarching chronic work. Such projects might include “Outreach for Chronic Clients” or “Paperwork, Documents, and ID.” Project leads will work with the Team Lead to coordinate the project work and support the aforementioned tasks of the Team Lead.

If you are interested in being the Team Lead or a Project Lead, please email Tommy Joe Bednar (tbednar@homewardva.org) with the following:

  1. What role you are interested in (Team Lead or a Project Lead)
  2. A statement of your capacity to fulfill the role (skill/experience and time)
  3. Why you want to help the CoC in this role
  4. Describe the coordinated services you, your agency, or program provide to people experiencing chronic homelessness
  5. Describe a time when you collaborated with multiple partners, including the Collaborative Applicant (Homeward), to address an issue to assist individuals or households experiencing chronic homelessness.

Please keep submissions to less than a page. The SPP Committee will review these submissions and contact interested case managers with decided roles.

If you are homeless or will lose housing in the next three days, call the Homeless Crisis Line at 804-972-0813.