COVID-19 Response

Pandemic responses implemented March 2020 – October 2020:

Starting in March 2020, the GRCoC worked to reduce the census of congregate, year-round shelters and to increase the operating hours of these shelters so that shelter residents had a safe place to stay. We also worked to offer immediate and voluntary access to safe, indoor accommodations with appropriate sanitation, targeting individuals in large encampments first. The GRCoC continues to offer non-congregate shelter to those in our community who are at highest risk of contracting and transmitting the virus. From the beginning, the Daily Planet Health Services instituted a public health screening approach and testing protocols. Together, we offered symptom screening in all homeless service facilities and offered immediate isolation to symptomatic patients. With our community partners, we worked to ensure an adequate supply of masks and other PPE for our partners and we remain grateful to our philanthropic and community partners who made this early and quick response possible and effective.

The below link provides access to the GRCoC Collaborative Action Plan for October 2020 to April 2021, as approved by the GRCoC board. 

Greater Richmond Continuum of Care Collaborative Action Plan: October 2020 to April 2021. Endorsed 11/5/20.

Pandemic Shelter Response Program Update: March 16, 2020 - November 30, 2020.


If you are homeless or will lose housing in the next three days, call the Homeless Crisis Line at 804-972-0813.